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Selecting Professional Coach services

At any time, parents may choose to add private or small group lessons if desired. The coaching of figure skating in Canada is done on a professional basis. Skate Canada Professional Coaches are not allowed to solicit skaters or their parents for lessons. Professional Coaching service fees are established by each Coach and are based on their achievements as a skater and coach, and their certification level. As your child continues into STARSkate, the club offers less group instruction time and private lessons will be needed.

Tips for choosing your Professional Coach

The coach should be someone the skater feels comfortable with. You want a coach who treats your child with respect and who is interested in your child's development as a person as well as a skater. You can talk to other parents and watch how the potential coach interacts while they are teaching other skaters. 

Communication is the key to any good relationship, and the coach and skater/parent relationship is no different. It is a good idea to talk directly with the coach to determine their coaching philosophy, skating background and experience. Other areas that you may want to discuss with a potential coach is fees, skating budget, skating equipment, base and support coaches, amount of time committed to skating, off-ice training, and lesson scheduling. Your coach should be in constant communication with you to provide progress updates and goals.

Etiquette for changing your Professional Coach 

It is not unusual for a skater to change coaches. Skaters often seek specialized attention from different coaches at different times to help them meet their skating goals. When and if, you would like to change coaches, certain ethical procedures should be followed: Firstly, you must notify the current coach that you would like to end services with them and pay any outstanding account balances owing for previous lessons. Once you have completed this respectfully, you may contact your next desired coach. Often these changes are done at the change of a season but they can be done during a season if necessary.